San Francisco organization offers positive behavioral analysis services for adults and children with ADHD, autism, Tourette's syndrome, and other disabilities.
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Behavior Education Training Associates
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The mission of B*E*T*A: Behavior Education Training Associates is to assist people considered disabled to maximize their participation and involvement in all areas of life. Quite often, we serve those people whose disabilities appear so severe and difficult that they have previously received only minimal assistance. The people we typically serve have, often for years, engaged in behaviors that others find objectionable, and that sometimes result in injury to themselves or others. We believe engagement in behavior that others find objectionable is usually reflective of an individual's ineptness and frustrations due to his/her lack of developed abilities. In turn, absence of important abilities leads to emotional distress and an overall dissatisfaction with life.


The services we provide address the development of new skills expected to help each person become more capable in more areas of life and thereby achieve greater satisfaction, sometimes called "quality of life". We approach each situation attempting to understand the perspective of the individual we assist. We often refer to this as focusing on helping the individual overcome the problems s/he faces, as compared with focusing on problems the individual presents to others; or, finding out what is bothering the individual, as compared with how s/he bothers others. We believe this focus generates more compassionate and more permanent effects.


We provide assistance in a fully individualized format, utilizing entirely positive environmental and interactive procedures. We emphasize increased communication "information sharing" to and from the person; the development of a greater number of competencies, especially in the areas of functional and academic education, leisure engagement, and community involvement, including employment and self care; and, the provision of intensive and extensive positive personal support, including external situational supports of every variety.


B*E*T*A provides entirely individualized services, including positive behavioral assessment, consultation, & intervention. Program components are exclusively positive, encompassing all aspects of an individual's environment and the individual's interaction with the environment. Behavioral support services are provided in an intensive, long-term format. Consultation and assessment services are also available. Full inclusion of individuals in all activities of life is emphasized, regardless of the severity of disability or behaviors. Skill development is emphasized. Challenging behaviors are treated as symptoms of an individual's dissatisfaction with some aspect(s) of a situation. Changing the environment and developing new skills or alternative behaviors are expected to lead to behavior improvement. IEP objectives are integrated.


Over the years, we have learned that a crucial aspect of what we do is that our services are brought to the individual, in whatever environments that individual regularly participates, rather than expecting the individual to come to the service.  This renders what we provide of maximum relevance to the life of each individual we assist.

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B * E * T * A
Behavior Education Training Associates
Frank J Marone, PhD, BCBA-D 1-00-0146