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B*E*T*A continually strives to provide you with up to date information regarding your most frequently asked questions.

Below we have compiled a list of questions that we thought might interest you. Just click on the buttons and get the answers.


Describe your program type and philosophy.

What comprises a typical program?

What motivates behavior?

Can you help me help my child sleep better - get to sleep, stay asleep, wake up later in the morning?

What are the components of a comprehensive positive behavior analysis intervention?

How can I help make this work for my child?

Can you suggest a good way to keep data that is easy to complete but collects useful information?

How may I help my child learn to properly use the toilet and stop having toilet accidents?

What is your experience with applied behavior analysis (ABA), discrete trials training (e.g., Lovaas, Maurice, Leaf and McEachin), pivotal response training (e.g., Koegel), floor time (e.g., Greenspan), functional analysis, PECS (e.g., Pyramid, Bondy), TEACCH (e.g., University of North Carolina), early language development (e.g., Partington and Sundberg), visual supports, and the like?

Is there a simple way to record behaviors that will eventually tell me something about why they occur?

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